Glapwell Hall

We have gained planning permission and started to build 64 homes on the site of the former Glapwell Estate and hall. We share the land with Glapwell Nurseries / tea rooms and also the amazing Bothy which is the last remaining element of the Glapwell Estate.

The site today with the bothy visible in the centre of the shot next to the garden centre

As part of the planning process the Bothy is being restored to conserve the building and ensure it’s long-term future. We are also reintroducing a formal garden setting as part of our development which will contain some unique garden features for future residents to enjoy along with a children’s play area. We will share further details and designs over the coming weeks.

History of Glapwell

Glapwell which was originally called Glapewelle according to the Domesday survey was owned by the Glapwell family in the 13th century. Ownership passed to William Woodhouse early in the 15th century and remained in his control until his death in 1411. It remained with his family through the 17th Century when its believed the Hall was built on the edge of the Glapwell Estate which included the Bothy, a formal garden and many outbuildings.

Historical location of Glapwell Hall

The hall sadly became derelict in the early 1900’s before being demolished in 1951 by the National Coal Board.